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Press release. We work hard every year to increase the production of consumer goods that meet everyone’s needs, but in many parts of the world, water pollution, overfishing and environmental degradation are making work more difficult (and dangerous).

The world’s population is growing and the oceans are getting more and more polluted.

Our oceans have become the “plastic soup”.

In addition, the environmental impact of cryptocurrency processing has already been reported, due to the massive consumption of electricity.

For this reason, more environmentally friendly solutions are sought to reduce the energy impact.

Global Innovative Solutions is taking action with the launch of GSI, the green code that helps clean up planet pollution (for real).

Global Innovative Solutions: The Green Revolution

The company has undoubtedly distinguished itself from many projects in the crypto market with its innovative and valuable initiative.

GSI funds and develops environmentally sustainable and environmentally friendly activities using blockchain technology.

Basically, it is a decentralized finance project that has loudly declared its goal “Fighting Global Pollution, Symbolically”.

But how do you do that?

GSI code: how it works

Global Innovative Solutions is responding to the pollution problem by launching the GSI token in the cryptocurrency market.

The goal is to drive its mass adoption to help save the planet from pollution while ensuring a gradual and incremental increase in the value of the token.

This is made possible by the many “green partnerships”.

Partner companies, such as those involved in wastewater treatment, are at the heart of the project.

In this particular case, Global Innovative Solutions acts as an intermediary between the partner companies and their clients.

Orders that reach partner companies are hacked.

Global Innovative Solutions pays exactly half of the invoice amount to the partner company on the spot (by bank transfer). The other half is paid in the form of GSI tokens purchased from the market.

Practically speaking, every time a request for services is received from the partner company, there will be a strong impact on the market, and therefore there will be an inevitable increase in the price of the token.

However, the focus is on the actual and tangible reduction of pollution through the installation of green systems by partner companies.

This is clearly a sign of how much the company cares about its mission.

How blockchain can help reduce water pollution

Every GSI token released in the market is backed with tangible results.

There is no way to generate money if it is not matched by a real and tangible reduction in global pollution.

Each transaction attests to the true environmental benefit and this is recorded on the blockchain. Therefore certification of pollution abatement is documented by payment.

Only when these special conditions are met will the owners issue tokens.

In addition, GSI considered rewarding its holders:

For every ton of CO2 saved by installing partner companies’ systems, 221,000 tokens will be mined (the estimated amount of Co2 saved in one month).

Of these, 22% will then be distributed to holders in proportion to the amount of tokens already in place.

Therefore, blockchain technology comes to our aid because with it we can verify and monitor the actual benefit that the GSI ecosystem brings to the planet.

GSI’s Strengths

Tokenomics for GSI was created so that it does not depreciate in value over time, and is in fact very complex.

Global Innovative Solution has innovated in the crypto sector by introducing several mechanisms to prevent token value loss.

We are talking about:

buyback program

Global Innovative Solutions will reinvest 21% of the profits generated each month in the purchase of GSI tokens at market price.

In this way, the company will constantly provide liquidity, preventing the price from losing its relevance over time.

open at 1%

Tokens purchased in the pre-launch phase will be issued monthly at a rate of 1%, proportional to the number of GSIs in the wallet, thus avoiding depreciation and ensuring long-term safe and passive income.


Global Innovative Solutions will donate 2% of profits each month to charities to purify water and reduce pollution in line with the goals of the 2030 Agenda.


With the help of blockchain, we can now significantly and visibly reduce the pollution of our planet.

GSI is committed to finding innovative and sustainable solutions that help people reduce waste and environmental pollution.

To learn more about the project, visit and join the Green Community:

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