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Press release. Tortola, British Virgin Islands, January 10, 2022: Anyone interested in the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) will know that people love investing in cartoonish-themed initiatives. Whether it’s the massively popular dog-oriented cryptocurrency like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), or perhaps even well-known NFT groups like The Bored Ape Yacht Club (TBAYC), the fact remains that in terms of investing nowadays, fees keep coming. Animation plays an important role.

With that being said, “TooNFT,” the blockchain-oriented webtoon platform, recently announced that it has debuted on the ecosystem of South Korea’s leading webtoon company, Toomics. To help build the fully decentralized webtoon platform, the TooNFT team has raised $1.75 million through a private funding round.

What is TooNFT?

TooNFT is built on the Toomics ecosystem, one of the most sought after webtoon service platforms with around 50 million active users on the web as well as more than 10 million app downloads on both Android and iOS, as well as a solid, profitable business with intent. Essentially, TooNFT may be better understood as a blockchain-oriented platform that strives to revolutionize the comics and webtoon industry by creating an intuitive next-generation ecosystem built on NFTs.

Thus, HG Ventures led the previously mentioned private funding round, which was backed by prominent institutional investors such as Adaptive Labs, Alphabit, GBIC, Prestige Fund and Mindfulness Capital. Adhering to high standards and the overall goal of embracing a decentralized future, the TooNFT platform was launched on top of the aforementioned Toomics ecosystem to bring the concept of non-fungible tokens to the webtoon and comics sector.

The main objective of TooNFT is to foster an innovative environment by providing a system that enables writers to attract investments through a P2P (Peer To Peer) format without monopolizing the brokerage process. As a result, by generating a significant amount of support via early stage investors with $1.75 million in their own rounds and seed rounds, TooNFT can thus begin developing its webtoon NFT infrastructure to successfully integrate with blockchain distributed ledger technology. Moreover, it is making meaningful improvements regarding the webtoon industry including but not limited to easy access to investment for many regular users without the involvement of intermediaries, as well as a secure and reliable service with transparent data and many acquisition and reinvestment opportunities . Therefore, TooNFT is taking advantage of the blockchain to become the world’s first decentralized webtoon platform for mass consumption.

The importance of tomix

Toomics started in 2015 by raising up to $15 million in venture capital funding to launch its goal of developing a platform for webtunes and comics. Since then, Toomics has exceeded all initial expectations and has up to 7 million MAU, collaborated with AfreecaTV, Tencent, KEB Hana Bank and GMarket, and is now considered one of the largest webtoon platforms in the entire world, having received many awards from respected institutions. Hence, Toomics has strong commercial appeal, generating up to $60 million annually in centralized sales of various webtoon subscriptions on its platform.

From a layman’s perspective, it aims to disrupt the webtoon business using a blockchain-oriented protocol and develop a highly advanced and intuitive NFT system. Therefore, TooNFT will do well by working alongside such an innovative and successful platform.

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