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Dog Walking Applicants Employer Of Choice| Dog Walking Jobs

One of the most challenging aspects of running any pet sitting business is the hiring process. Not only are you looking for those who align with your values ​​and mission, you are trying to convince people why they should want to work for you! Many business owners forget that hiring is a two-way street. In … Read more

5 Reasons Your Dog Stops Walking and Won’t Move

Home » Dog » Dog Blog » Tips To Help Stop Your Dog From Sitting Down On Walks Dr. Stephanie Flansburg-Cruz practices mixed animal veterinary medicine and she has a special interest in shelter medicine and animal welfare. Stephanie enjoys volunteering at local animal shelters, reading, writing, and traveling. Dr. Stephanie Flansburg-Cruz is a licensed … Read more

Why Does My Dog Like To Run Away? – Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

We all love our pets, and we try to show them by giving them the care we think they deserve. But the truth is, even leading animal experts are still making discoveries about animal behavior, so sometimes our affection and care aren’t exactly what our dogs need from their pet parents. Many pets, including dogs, … Read more

The Many Health Benefits of Daily Walks For Your Dog – Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

If you’re a new pet parent, you may not realize just how beneficial regular walks can be for your dog. Being outside and moving their bodies are biological needs for your pet, just as they are for people. Not only do regular walks improve your dog’s physical health, but the mental and behavioral health benefits … Read more

Episode 224 – 4 Massive Secrets To Attracting Dog Walking Clients in 2021

Bella discusses 4 Massive Secrets to Attracting Dog Walking Clients in 2021 and moving forward after a pandemic impact 2020. Pet business owners can maximize this time in their businesses by leaping into the unique business opportunities Covid-19 restrictions have placed upon all of us. Bella cautions us to push back on feelings of self … Read more

Why do dogs pick a favorite person? – Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Just like their human pals, dogs are likely to choose a favorite person based on a number of factors. Some of these include the person’s demeanor, interactions with the dog, and how well the person helps meet their basic needs. Because dogs are such loyal companions, most of us want to be the best friend … Read more

Why Don’t Pets Need Shoes? And Other Wintertime Pet FAQs – Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

With cold weather months rolling in, you might be wondering how your pet feels about their cold-weather walks these days, or how your pet tolerates cold feet so well without doggie rain boots or other doggy shoes. Just like humans, pets take time to acclimate to colder weather and regulate their body temperature. Some pets … Read more

Do Holiday Guests Give Your Pets Anxiety? – Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

All pet owners know that life is better with a dog and that animals help humans in many ways, including by improving our mental health. But life as a pet might be more complex than it seems, and while dogs relieve stress in humans, some human interaction can cause anxiety for your dog. Sometimes dogs … Read more