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A Senior Poodle Named Petal Is Clinging To Life After Horrific Abuse

A team of dedicated animal rescuers is working around the clock to care for a senior poodle that was a victim of unimaginable abuse. After being found in a desperate state by a good Samaritan, Petal is now at a local animal hospital, fighting for her life. The good Samaritan was driving down the road … Read more

The Pet Shop: Picasso had a rough start in life, but an obscure webpage helped smooth his way | Blog: The Pet Shop

Kenwyn Caranna I remember clearly the night I found Picasso literally on the road. It was in September 2004 and I was on my way home after finishing a night shift at the News & Record. My usual route was impassable after severe storms had traversed the area, and a law enforcement officer directed me … Read more

The Pet Shop: Beware the agents of CHAOS | Blog: The Pet Shop

Chris McGaughey By the time this is printed, all of Santa Paws’ gifts will be fetched and every opened box will have a cat using it as an ambush spot. In my house, Sophie will have completed her first year as the official representative of Christmas Holiday Animal Outreach Services (CHAOS). In case you’re wondering, … Read more