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Hiring Tips For Your Pet Business During the Holidays

Its that time of the year again when everything turns into all holidays, all the time. The time when every store is confused about what to celebrate first with multiple isles of Halloween, Thanksgiving and the MASSIVE Christmas section. I think we can all admit that September through December, Holiday preparation takes over. What’s wrong … Read more

How to Perfect Your Hiring Knockout Questions

How many of you have been inundated with applications to your hiring ad? With the unemployment rate at 13% in June 2020, many business owners are having this problem (although, it’s a good problem to have!). Even still, it can get seriously depressing sifting through application after application of candidates. Most of them didn’t even … Read more

Hiring Employees vs Independent Contractors

Is Your Dog Walker an Independent Contractor or an Employee?Know the difference and why it matters.In recent years, companies like Uber and Lyft have sparked a debate over the use of independent contractors vs. employees. California recently filed suit against them for misclassifying their employees as independent contractors, but any legislation that’s put in place … Read more