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Hiring Tips For Your Pet Business During the Holidays

Its that time of the year again when everything turns into all holidays, all the time. The time when every store is confused about what to celebrate first with multiple isles of Halloween, Thanksgiving and the MASSIVE Christmas section. I think we can all admit that September through December, Holiday preparation takes over. What’s wrong … Read more

How to Build Trust in Your Pet Business on Social Media

Nowadays with all the automation that we can incorporate in business, it’s becoming more and more necessary to prove that we are human. Especially when it comes to the internet and consistent technological advances. How do we remain human in a fast-paced technological world? The answer isnt as simple as we would think. Remaining human … Read more

Small Business Survival During A Crisis|Jump Consulting|Survival tips

We are in a crisis. As a result, small business survival is teetering on the edge Now more than ever you need to have a strong mind, arm yourself with knowledge and not go down without a fight. People are depending on you. Your family, staff, and community are all depending on you. Whether you … Read more

Ultimate Resource Guide For Small Business|Covid19 business resources

The Ultimate Small Business Resource Here is The Ultimate Resource Guide For Small Business Owners during COVID-19. Running a pet business – or any business for that matter – can be a scary venture at the best of times… but in the face of a global pandemic, everything is much more overwhelming. Studies have shown … Read more

Things To Consider Before Temporarily Closing Your Business

As the outbreak of COVID-19 spreads worldwide, business owners are forced to make tough decisions. Considerations must be made not only for yourself but for your colleagues, employees, family, friends, and – of course – your pets. I understand that many of you reading this may be considering closing your business temporarily – perhaps some … Read more

Essential Business|Essential Business Services| pet care and welfare

Facebook groups have been filled with questions of “is my business an essential business?” There is much debate, rightfully so because it isn’t always cut and dry. With the Feds basically saying that we all need to shut down until April 30th on top of the CARE Act going into effect on April 1st, there … Read more