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According to a recent interview, trial attorney Kyle Roche of law firm Roche Freedman LLP has started a tech startup called Ryval that aims to be a “litigation fund stock market.” The company plans to launch it during the first quarter and allow people to take advantage of the tokens in order to bet on civil lawsuits.

Ryval’s Initial Litigation Offer Concept

trial attorney Kyle Roche Deputy author Maxwell Strachan gave an interview recently in which new technology startup Roche pitched Ryval its concept in litigation. “Ryval’s goal is to make access to justice more affordable,” Roche told Ryval Strachan co-founder. Essentially, the deputy editor discusses how Ryval will transform the court system by decentralizing the barrier to accessing equity in multi-billion dollar court cases.

“What we do is: tell the story, examine the lawsuit, and then let the public invest and give you the money to plead your case,” Roch told Strachan. “And what does the public get in return? The public cares about the outcome of the lawsuit.”

Report highlights concept of litigation tokenization for avalanche-backed tech firm Ryval
Rival website.

Kyle Roche is known for the countless crypto-related lawsuits that his law firm Roch Friedman has been involved in over the past few years including a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Craig Wright, a lawsuit against Tether, and a case against several cryptocurrency exchanges and token issuers. Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Law firm Roche Freedman has managed to win $100 million against self-described Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright.

Apothio, LLC v. Kern County

rush I showed Some of what Rival is doing in October last year when he explained that Roch Friedman and Republic were involved in a “preliminary litigation (ILO) offering”. Very excited to announce that Roche Freedman and Republic is launching the world’s first ILO today by harnessing the power of the AVAX ecosystem,” Roche tweeted at the time. According to the details, the show aims to raise funds for Apothio’s litigation proceeds.

Hemp producer Apothio has been involved in a lawsuit against Kern County California after state officials were allegedly involved in “one of the largest alleged wholesale destruction of crops by a state official in United States history.” According to a Republic report in 2019, Apothio expected a large crop of hemp planted from 450 acres of land.

However, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office and California Department of Fish and Wildlife allegedly destroyed the apotheo harvest “estimated at between $500 million and $1 billion at the time, without warning, justification, or opportunity to hear about the apotheo.” The Republic report notes that litigation is costly and that the company has to pay “lawyer and expert witness fees, discovery costs, and trial expenses.” Roche explained to Strachan that in the first few years Ryval will be very picky about the issues he picks.

“[Ryval will be] Focus on getting to justice and taking on allegations that we think are good allegations.” “But at the end of the day, I don’t think anyone should be a gatekeeper who has access to the courts. I think access to the court system, access to the legal justice system should be something that is given to as many people as possible that the justice system can handle.”

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