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Press release. As Panther pushes the decentralization of our protocol from day one with LaunchDAO, the first ever private and decentralized project launch, the team revealed an exciting new partnership.

Panther Protocol is partnering with ShapeShift, a household name for the cryptocurrency industry. ShapeShift has taken brave steps in the recent past, moving from an exchange aggregator to a full-fledged crypto management platform, as well as announcing complete decentralization.

The integration between ShapeShift and Panther will enable enhanced privacy and data protection for DeFi users. ShapeShift, through its APIs, digital assets, and platforms, is a valuable pillar of the decentralized financial ecosystem, and will leverage Panther to maximize consumer protection, efficiency, and privacy. Both teams will collaborate on research, publishing privacy tools, and for ShapeShift users to participate in staking and Panther governance.

Technical collaboration between the two teams will also enable the provision of liquidity to multi-asset protected Pather pools.

Commenting on the partnership. Willy Ogorzaly, former Senior Product Manager at ShapeShift (now Head of Decentralization at Fox with ShapeShift transitioning to the DAO model): “Panther’s mission to provide privacy and interoperability for DeFi protocols across the chains is closely aligned with the mission of ShapeShift DAO. We look forward to partnering with Panther to give ShapeShift users access to unprecedented levels of privacy on their DeFi journeys.”

To this, Panther Protocol CEO and Co-Founder, Oliver Gill added: “ShapeShift was a pioneering platform in the march towards an autonomous DEX infrastructure. ShapeShift DAO is a major step towards realizing the vision of a decentralized exchange services and Panther looks to offer zAsset swaps with optional compliance to the ShapeShift community. “

About Shapeshift:

Since 2014, ShapeShift has been a pioneer in the self-preservation space for digital asset trading. The company’s web and mobile platforms allow users around the world to securely buy, hold, trade and interact with digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Learn more at

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About Tiger Protocol

Panther is a comprehensive privacy protocol that connects privacy-recovery blockchains in Web3 and DeFi while providing financial institutions with a clear path to compliant participation in the digital asset markets.

Panther provides DeFi users with fully secured privacy-enhanced digital assets, leveraging crypto-economic incentives and zkSNARKs technology. Users can mint zAssets zero assets by depositing digital assets from any blockchain into Panther vaults. zAssets flow across the blockchain via the first DEX interchain for privacy and private metastases. Panther envisions zAssets becoming an ever-expanding asset class for users who want their transactions and strategies the way they always should be: private.

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