NFTs Are Coming Soon to Ledger Live

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Things to know:
At Ledger, we believe that like any digital asset, NFTs must be secure. We aim to become the most secure platform in the world to store, visualize, manage and enjoy full ownership of both your coins and NFT.

during Ledger Op3n Web3 Developer Conference – We’ve released a series of announcements. Users will be able to view, send and receive NFTs starting in December 2021 in beta mode, with transparent transaction signing and full ownership of NFTs. We are very proud and excited about this update of Ledger Live*.

– We are continuing to add NFT apps in the “Discover” section of Ledger Live. You can already use files Rainbow, an Ethereum wallet showing your NFTs, and POAP, proof of attendance protocol that enables you to keep reliable records of your life experiences and digital memories.

We are pleased to announce that as Ledger strengthens its position in the NFT space, we have integrated Rarible, a leading global NFT marketplace, into Ledger Live. Rarible will be available in the “Discover” section of Ledger Live, allowing you to use all of Rarible’s features starting January 2022!

As a result of this integration, users will be able to connect their ledger wallets to Rarible and manage their NFTs directly within Ledger Live, enjoying a seamless, transparent and secure NFT experience.

Putting control and freedom at the heart of your digital asset experience

During the Ledger Op3n conference, we made a series of product announcements. Among them, you can now view Ethereum NFTs automatically through your Ledger Live ‘Account’ section and seamlessly send them to another wallet. This means that viewing your NFTs does not require any external wallets or external markets anymore. Now you can easily view them in the Ledger Live app for a seamless and secure experience!

This feature is a beta mode** in Ledger Live before it will be fully accessible in the coming months. To access our list of experimental modes, simply go to the settings of your Ledger Live app, then on the Trial feature tab and switch to NFT Management Features.

Find a growing list of NFT apps in Ledger Live

We are continuing to add NFT apps in the “Discover” section of Ledger Live to enrich your experience. You can actually use, an Ethereum wallet that displays your NFTs through Ledger Live.

We also added recently POAPA proof of attendance protocol that enables you to keep digital records of your life experiences (Because we know that digital life is just as important as real life in our web3 world.) POAP is a new way to keep a reliable record of your digital life experiences and memories. For event organizers, it is a new tool to better interact with audiences. And for you, earning POAP combos may not only prove the places you’ve visited, but may also enable you to earn bragging rights!

Click here to read our article on the Ledger Academy on POAP.

Your journey with us into the expanding world of NFTs is just beginning. Rarible, the world’s leading NFT marketplace, will soon be integrated into Ledger Live’s “Discover” section, Allowing you to use Rarible directly from the same place, with your wallet connected automatically, no extension required and clear signature enabled. This makes Ledger the safest place in the world to deal with NFTs. Stay tuned for what comes next!

In addition, the NFT DApps available in the “Discover” section of Ledger Live are automatically connected to your Ledger account and secured in your Ledger Nano S or Nano X.

Ledger: Your Most Secure Gateway to NFTs

NFTs unlock a new digital world where artists and creators can break free from intermediaries to create work, connect with their community, and keep repeating while maintaining financial independence in a growing market. Powered by Metaverse, these digital tools are becoming mainstream and there’s no doubt: we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of their potential.

But like any digital asset, NFT must be secure. Ledger is the world’s most secure platform for storing, visualizing, managing and enjoying full ownership of all of your coins and NFTs. With us, your private keys are secured through your Nano hardware wallet, allowing you to experience hack resistance. Your digital assets are protected by a Ledger Nano S or Nano X.

Combined with your Ledger Live app, it’s the safest and most convenient way to manage and secure your NFTs.

*Disclaimer: Buying, swapping, lending and other crypto transaction services are provided by third-party partners. Ledger does not provide any advice or recommendations regarding the use of these third party services.

** These are beta features that we provide on an “as is” basis for our tech-savvy community to test. They may change, break, or be removed at any time. By enabling them, you agree to use them at your own risk.

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