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Last month, System of a Down lead singer Serge Tankian hosted an art exhibition with the non-fungible token platform (NFT) and marketplace Curio NFT. The physical and virtual art display has been dubbed “not to touch” and this week Tankian told Bitcoin.com News that he believes NFT technology has opened new doors for his artistic expression.

This week, Bitcoin.com News chatted with the lead singer of System of a Down’s (SoaD), Serge TankianOn the non-fungible symbol technology (NFT) and how it gave him the ability to express his art in a new way. In December, Tankian and Koryo NFT hosted an art exhibition featuring the artist’s NFT artwork titled “Not for Touch.”

Tankian has been an artist for years, but the NFTs gave the SoaD singer a new way to “impress multiple senses simultaneously” and stressed that he has always been interested in having a “stronger artistic impact”. Below is an in-depth discussion with Serj Tankian of SoaD recorded by Bitcoin.com News on January 5th.

Bitcoin.com News (BCN): I recently entered the world of NFTs. Can you tell our readers how you discovered NFT technology?

Serge Tankian: I found out by reading the news. Seeing how different artists have been shooting NFTs. We were remodeling the house and I had a lot of reading time, and I was like, “Wow, this is really fun.” Since I’ve been doing art for several years, musically related art, I thought “Oh my God, this could be a new platform for what I’m doing”. This is where the idea association began.

BCN: I recently hosted an art show called “Not for Touching” with Curio NFT. Can you tell our readers about this event and how it went?

Serge Tankian: The event went well, they created a virtual gallery which was really interesting for me. To be able to go to this gallery and see my work, which was the NFTs of course, and be able to watch and listen to it and see the details about it. Then walk in the other direction and watch another NFT work on another wall. It was really cool, the setting was really cool and it’s kind of like my first dive into this world as an artist.

'Making a Technically Stronger Impact' - An in-depth discussion on NFTs with a system from Down's Serj Tankian
The art of NFT by Serge Tankian’s Dawn System.

I’ve always been interested in being able to affect multiple senses simultaneously, as a kind of artistic influence more powerfully. I did it with my art in music, which we call “eye on sound.” We use an app that does visual recognition and you can go into a physical gallery and you can listen to each painting with a smartphone or earphones.

It’s such an immersive experience and with NFTs the ability to literally bring this painting to life using digital animation and drawing. Like my good friend, Roger Kopelian, who has worked on Lord of the Rings and several films, his paintings come to life with music in the background. So I’m really excited about it because the product came out really amazing.

BCN: Do you collect any other assets from specific NFTs?

Serge Tankian: I don’t have it yet. To be honest, I am not a big art collector, although I do produce physical art. I have some paintings of some good friends. Perhaps the fact that I am in some ways minimal. I don’t like clutter, even on the hard drive. I have a lot of friends who are art collectors and love collecting art, collecting stuff, NFTs and am not just a collector. I am an artist, I produce.

BCN: Are any other system down members like the NFTs?

Serge Tankian: I didn’t actually ask them. I’m not sure any of them have bought any. I would doubt it, but maybe Shavo (SoaD bassist Shavo Odadjian), because he’s very tech friendly and gets along with other players. So maybe they did, but I’m not sure.

'Making a Technically Stronger Impact' - An in-depth discussion on NFTs with a system from Down's Serj Tankian
Tankian believes that how humans come to an agreement about perceived value is a very interesting topic. He said whether it’s gold, diamonds, NFTs or bitcoin being valued, it’s all about subjective assessments.

BCN: Why do you think NFTs are the “next step” in terms of artistic creativity?

Serge Tankian: I was saying that this statement was directed at me. Because it gave me a new platform to be able to add a dimension of experience that I couldn’t add physically. It would be like crawling into the virtual space in a way that I could move the panels and make them dance.

When you’re in the physical space, the paintings are on the wall and they don’t dance, but the music you’re making comes into it, and that’s beautiful. But I am now able to fill that space between the wall and the listener using NFTs. I am looking to find more spaces, virtual or physical, to be able to interact more with multiple senses to increase the effectiveness of the artist’s vision.

BCN: Besides NFTs, are you involved in other types of blockchain projects, such as crypto assets like Bitcoin?

Serge Tankian: Not real. I don’t know sh*t about that. I am a completely naive person when it comes to blockchain, bitcoin and any of them. I don’t have anything for me [NFT tech] It is a new world of presenting my artwork, and this is my interior. But I really don’t know much about blockchain but I have friends who bought bitcoin early and they are very excited.

BCN: Many people believe that blockchain technology can remove parasitic third parties from various parts of our lives. do you agree?

Serge Tankian: I think there is definitely truth in that. I think it’s somehow disruptive technology or maybe not destructive, and maybe an alternative. You think about the gold standard and how money was based on gold. Then they got rid of the gold standard because they couldn’t find enough gold. They expanded even further, so most coins are based on the integrity of that nation’s government.

With blockchain and bitcoin you are out of this system. To me, the whole thing is interesting, including the NFTs, because the human character agreeing to evaluate things in a certain way is very interesting.

BCN: Are you planning to do more NFT exhibitions that showcase your artwork?

Serge Tankian: I do. But I want to find the next level. I would like to do a physical exhibition or a museum exhibition, where there are these physically isolated spaces for each of my paintings and you can create more of this virtual reality meeting the physical world. Where you can interact with the multiple dimensions of art that includes drawing, certainly the music around you, maybe some elements of touch and smell, lighting, and bring the virtual world into it. Perhaps NFTs can be projected, within the physical space, I’m starting to think about multiple dimensions and increasing the effectiveness of the artistic effect.

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