Kishimoto Inu is Set to Revolutionize Non-fungible Tokens with its 3D NFT Marketplace

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Kishimoto Inu is in the early stages of launching the world’s first 3D NFT marketplace, taking the NFT space to the next level.

Non-fungible tokens took over the world in 2021 as the previously malicious segment of the cryptocurrency market attracted the attention of mainstream news outlets and globally recognized celebrities and brands who sought early entry in the multibillion-dollar trend.

As the quality of NFT projects has evolved from simple pixelated images to unique, highly detailed digital assets that allow owners to express their inner nature, so must the infrastructure that enables the buying and selling of these unique times to anyone with an internet connection.

With that in mind, the team behind Kishimoto Inu, a project that aims to become the hub of all things anime on the blockchain, has set out to create the first-of-its-kind 3D NFT marketplace that will transform the redeemable token space we know.

The dedication of the Kishimoto teams in advancing the development of the project to keep up with the latest trends across the blockchain ecosystem has been demonstrated with the announcement of the launch of the upcoming Katsumi Governance Token and KishiSwap 2.0, and the work to create a 3D NFT marketplace is sure to set the example that all other NFT markets will strive to conquer.

The Kishimoto NFT ecosystem is already well established with 10,000 unique items listed on the popular OpenSea Market including the popular Kishi Ninja NFTs that will soon have a utility in the play-to-earn game that is currently in the early stages of development.

Early users of unique Kisimoto NFTs such as Kishi Ninjas will also be treated to undisclosed perks, contests, and surprises in the future as the Kishimoto Inu ecosystem expands.

Once the upcoming KishiSwap 2.0 is fully released, members of the Kishimoto community will have an easy way to mint their own NFTs that can one day be traded on the exchange or displayed in a museum-like environment on the Kishimoto 3D NFT Market.

No other platform focused on animation or generally focused on NFT has gone as far as Kishimoto must go and move the industry as a whole forward, and current plans are just the tip of the iceberg of what the project has in store for the future.

Kishimoto’s ambitious roadmap outlines the release of the first-ever active-burning DAO token to the Kishimoto community, KishiSwap 2.0, and 3D NFT Marketplace all in the first quarter of 2022, and the team is on track to achieve its goals in just the first month of the new year.

On top of building the Kishimoto ecosystem, the developers behind the project have also worked hard to build bridges to some of the most popular blockchain networks in the ecosystem including Fantom, Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain, which means Kishimoto can be traded and stored in a multi-chain environment where users can find Better transaction fees and processing times.

In addition, Katsumi (Kishimoto’s governance token) is also scheduled to be released in the following weeks. Katsumi will benefit Kishimoto holders by actively burning Kishimoto tokens. Katsumi’s “active burning” will not only increase the value of Kishimoto by buying the tokens, but also reduce the supply in circulation, increasing the scarcity of the increased demand for the Kishimoto token. Katsumi will be the first token to implement this “active copy” and will be the generator of crypto governance tokens that will be released in the future.

With multi-chain support and an advanced 3D interface that provides a next-level environment for viewing and appreciating anime on the blockchain, Kishimoto 3D Marketplace is sure to leave its mark and set the standard for all NFT modeling or experimentation projects to conquer in the not too distant future.

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