How Projects are Revolutionizing Crypto Staking Through Referral Programs

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Once reserved for crypto professionals, staking has become a common practice among all those involved in the space. Today, anyone has a chance to earn passive income from their crypto assets with just a few clicks, whether on a centralized exchange or a DEX. Over the past two years, centralized exchanges like Binance and Coinbase have offered staking advantage to their users, forcing decentralized exchanges, or DEXs, to follow suit.

At the height of the DeFi boom in 2021, more than $110 billion in value was secured on decentralized platforms as staking became one of the most lucrative ways to earn passive income and enjoy investment returns. On January 3, 2022, Ethereum 2.0 crossed the $34 billion mark in total confined value, indicating a potential continuation of explosive growth this year. Despite the growth, many platforms have only offered lucrative bonuses as the only viable passive income strategy for their users. One DEX, Hashbon, aims to change this by adding a reward system that completes staking with them – the referral staking program.

Hashbon, one of the first cross-chain DEXs, announced the launch of its staking program, “Hashbon Rocket,” last December to give Hash holders the chance to earn the highest APY and APR possible among all betting opportunities available. In the middle of the month, the “Hashbon Rocket Staking Referral Program” was launched, providing all HASH holders with an additional revenue stream.

Hashbon DEX Launches Staking Referral Program

After a great staking reception last month, Hashbon DEX has expanded its earning potential with its first-of-its-kind referral staking program. The Hashbon Staking referral program allows people to invite their friends and family to the platform and earn 10% of their friends’ stacked earnings. According to a statement, each HASH holder can simply share their referral link with their friends and family and earn 10% of the rewards earned by their referral while staking.

Hashbon offers users a fast, secure and cheap platform to exchange tokens across multiple networks, supporting beginners on their journey to Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Apart from staking and DEX, Hashbon offers users a payment gateway that allows merchants to accept payments in more than 30 cryptocurrencies with 0% commission. The latest referral program joins a host of earning programs on the platform including being an arbitrator for Hashbon Rocket, which votes in favor of transactions.

Unlike other staking platforms, Hashbon offers both ERC20 and BEP20. Users can share their HASH tokens on Unifarm or the BSC chain to receive their rewards. The longer the storage period, the higher the annual percentage rate. According to the company’s statement, any user can block US citizens from participating in staking or referral programs. The smart contract and platform token are audited by CertiK to protect them from tampering or hacking, which could lead to users losing money.

Why Referrals Should Be a Thing in Cryptocurrency Stores

As explained above, referrals look like the next big hack in the cryptocurrency storage space. With every project offering “high APRs,” referral programs give a distinct appeal to new users, while being the most effective way to generate leads for projects. According to Forbes, referrals are the most efficient marketing and selling method that yields the highest return on investment.

With the field of Crypto staking growing day by day, rewarding users with referral rewards could be a surefire way to grow your community. According to Gregory Bebaev, CEO and founder of Hashbon, referrals are key to the growth of the DEX, staking program, and payment gateway. Finally, the platform aims to “satisfy the community’s desire for CeFi and DeFi” by offering new rewarding opportunities to each user who joins the platform, Bibaev added.

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