Get the Best Benefits from CoinTracking Partners

CoinTracking is happy to partner with leading crypto brands to offer our customers the best features, exclusive offers and experiences.

This article covers all the current benefits that all CoinTracking partners bring to you, and will be updated regularly to reflect new additions to this exciting list.

From leading market research tools to your favorite exchanges, you will be able to get discounts on the best products, 0% trading fees, long-term free trials, and many other benefits.

Get your favorite crypto search tools at a discount


IntoTheBlock is our market analysis partner, giving you excellent on-chain data analysis built into CoinTracking. For example, CoinTracking’s coin charts and trends page, on-chain Bitcoin analysis, and more.

IntoTheBlock is one of the solutions featured in our Top 7 Tools in Bitcoin Analysis Guide,


Cryptographic Research

Crypto Research is a market research tool for cryptocurrencies, that helps you navigate market shifts so that you can always be on top of your crypto investments.


Check how to claim the offer on the benefits page.

Symbol metrics

Token Metrics is a top crypto data and research company, bringing you the best price predictions, crypto assessments, enterprise level crypto research and more to help you become a great crypto investor.


Subscribe to Token Metrics, choose your plan and enjoy the discount. All the details are here.

cipher papers

Are you a beginner? Want to do your own data analysis on Excel? Then coding papers are for you! You can easily sync your wallet data from CoinTracking to Excel or Google Sheets using the Cryptosheets add-on.


Sign up for Cryptosheets and follow the instructions to get your offer.

Learn coding with the best courses available

Sharp bargains

Learn all about technical analysis, candlestick patterns and other on-chain metrics to improve your cryptocurrency trading skills. Sharper Traders is ideal for people who want to become a swing or day trader. Check out the best tools to learn about cryptography.


Follow the steps on the benefits page and register using this link.

Espio Blockchain

Want to learn more about creating smart contracts, tokens, decentralized applications, or Blockchain integration? Check out the Espeo Blockchain course with 75% off for CoinTracking customers. Espeo is a leading development company that can help you explore the intricacies of launching crypto projects around these areas.


Submit the Espeo Blockchain form and mention your CoinTracking username. You will then get this discount.

Get hired by the best crypto companies

encryption functions

Crypto Jobs is one of the best job boards in the crypto field, with a large variety of offers from leading crypto and DeFi companies.

Check out our weekly newsletter with featured jobs, with a focus on remote work. If your company wants to post new jobs and attract the best people, you can enjoy the discount for CoinTracking users (including businesses).

If you are in the US, learn about the tax implications of receiving your salary in crypto.


Follow the steps on the benefits page to claim the offer.

Submit your crypto taxes error-free!

Currency Tracking

Would you like to have your CoinTracking account audited by a professional CPA in the US or Australia?

The full CoinTracking service is your way to get your crypto taxes paid. Let a professional review your CoinTracking account, help guide you through the muddy waters of cryptocurrency taxes, and submit your returns hassle-free. Get your discount!


Go to the Full Service page and enjoy your discount.

Secure yourself and your cryptocurrency with the best tools

little square

Leaving your cryptocurrency in a trading wallet is a serious security threat. Investing in a cold wallet might be the best answer to protect your hard-earned cryptocurrency earnings. Fortunately, CoinTracking has partnered with BitBox, a Swiss-made primary hardware wallet, to help you secure your crypto.


Choose your BitBox and accessories in the ShiftCrypto store, enter the code “COINTRACKING”, and enjoy your discount.

Spend cryptocurrency without fees


Do you want to spend your cryptocurrency online? No more searching? DashBargain is the place for you to spend cryptocurrency on your favorite products without any fees.

If you are in the US, check out this guide on the tax implications of spending cryptocurrency to purchase products/services.


Check the steps on the benefits page to claim the offer.

Use the best trading tools in the market

NewsCrypto offers a complete cryptocurrency solution, from education to the best technical indicators and community forecasts, for you to have a complete trading experience.


Create a free account, go to the signup page, and enter the trial code (if you are a Premium user).


Do you want to set up a trading bot? Stratos allows you to implement automated trading strategies 24/7 based on the desired exchange, timeframes and other inputs.


Register at Stratos, enter the code available for Premium CoinTracking users and enjoy the discount.


Want average dollar cost with Bitcoin? You can easily set up investment strategies like DCA using Quadency with their bot capabilities.


Create a Quadency account and check the steps on the Benefits page on how to claim different benefits based on your CoinTracking membership.


Are you looking for trading opportunities across stock exchanges? Simplify your life and use an all-in-one solution like CryptoView, a fully fledged multi-exchange trading platform.


Subscribe to CryptoView and get a free 30-day trial. If you are a Premium user, enter the discount code to get access to the free 90 days.

crypto shop

Cryptohopper is a complete trading robot to diversify and automate your trading strategies.


Sign up for Cryptohopper, enter the discount code, and enjoy the benefits according to your membership level.

Get benefits, extra returns and free deposits from top cryptocurrency exchanges


Gemini is a leading US-based crypto exchange, offering multiple trading pairs (including FIAT gateways). Gemini offers a free deposit to CoinTracking premium users.


First, upgrade your CoinTracking account and then follow the steps on the benefits page. is a leading crypto exchange and pioneer in launching crypto cards where you can spend cryptocurrency to get products just like a regular credit card. They offer CoinTracking users a free deposit when they reserve a Metal MCO Visa Card and keep its original token (CRO) for a certain period.


Download the app, upgrade your CoinTracking account to become a premium user, and follow the steps on the benefits page.


Deribit is the leading crypto derivatives trading platform where you can trade leading digital assets with high leverage. If you trade a lot, you will have a lot of trading fees, but Deribit and CoinTracking can help you.


First, upgrade your CoinTracking account to be eligible for the discount, then follow the steps on the benefits page.


Bithumb is a leading crypto exchange, especially in the Asian markets, that offers great benefits to CoinTracking users.


Follow the steps on the benefits page to claim the offer.


Do you want to create a new Blockchain? UBIX.Network allows you to create new block chains using its innovative protocol. If you are a CoinTracking user and you invest in UBIX micro project, you will get rewarded.

Available to premium CoinTracking users.


Switchere makes it easy to buy cryptocurrency using a debit card, Neteller, M-Pesa or local banks in multiple FIAT currencies.


Sign up for Switchere, upgrade your CoinTracking account to become a premium user, and follow the other steps to claim the offer.


KuCoin is the world’s top 5 crypto central trading platform and a great way to start your trading journey.


  • Get five coins (BTT, TRX, ADA, XRP or USDT) to trade $10 or more on KuCoin

Follow the steps on the benefits page.


Do you want a free airdrop? High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is a new project that advances the scalability of the blockchain.


First, set up your HPB wallet, join the HPB Price telegram channel, and follow the other steps on the benefits page to claim the offer.

Take care of your taxes with the best crypto tax software: CoinTracking

CoinTracking covers all your crypto tax needs. With CoinTracking, you can:

  1. Import (API & CSV) your trades from 110+ exchange.

  2. DeFi and NFT support with our ETH + DEX importer.

  3. import your Binance chain, Smart Binance Seriesand MATIC TRANSACTIONS.

  4. Over 25 advanced reports, including Coins We give you a tax free rate.

  5. automatic capital gains, according to 12 Accounting methods (eg, FIFO, LIFO, HMRC, ACB), accepted all over the world.

  6. complete generation tax reports In your country.

Subscribe to CoinTracking today!

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  2. How do you calculate taxes at the average dollar cost of bitcoin?

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Disclaimer: All information provided above is for informational purposes only and should not be considered professional, legal or tax advice. You should do your own research or consult with a professional financial advisor when investing.

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