Crypto Influencer Cooper Turley Removed From FWB Over 2013 Bigoted Tweets

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Cooper Turley, the investor and influencer at the heart of the burgeoning DAO cryptocurrency scene, has been fired from Friends With Benefits (FWB), the exclusive online social club he helped build over the past year.

“The Code of Conduct Committee made a formal recommendation of impeachment from the leadership of the FWB DAO, which the member agreed to,” reads tweet From the group’s official account, it was uploaded on Friday evening.

FWB added: “With respect to the member’s status as a community member, they will be temporarily suspended from the community for a minimum period of seasons, after which, following our reformatory approach, they will be given the opportunity to re-apply for DAO membership.”

The post does not refer to Turley by name, but an FWB employee confirmed it was indeed him. Ban is a rare example of real-world consequences in space that places a high premium on “censorship resistance” and “immutability.”

Turley, 25, has worked with some of the largest projects in the Web 3 ecosystem. He is currently listed as a “Venture Partner” at venture capital firm Variant Fund, run by Jesse Walden and Li Jin, and has served as an advisor to blockchain streaming service Audius. and DAO Seed Club incubator.

Last year, Turley was included in Fortune magazine’s “NFTy 50” – a list of the “Most Innovative Builders and Influencers” in the NFT space. He is also a prolific author of “thought leadership” on the topic of cryptocurrency trading, both on Twitter and in publications like Business Insider.

Turley’s path out of FWB began last Tuesday, when the influencer posted a controversial tweet endorsing a sort of 24/7 hustler culture. Another influencer, Jackson Dam, express his frustration Feelings, Turley is accused of pushing “harmful narratives” to share on social media.

then lady Post some old Turley tweets, containing the n-word and f-slur , to the thread. Tweets ranged from 2011 to late 2014.

Turley, who is white, I apologize For old tweets on a Tuesday afternoon.

“I was young, stupid, and careless,” he wrote, adding that “at the time, [he] He developed a terrible habit of using racist and homophobic insults to match.”

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The caveat is that he still holds 243.6 FWB tokens in his Ethereum core wallet. (FWB is the local cryptocurrency that provides access to the pool; new members are invited to purchase 75 tokens after their initial order has been accepted.) Turley’s stock is worth about $13,000 at today’s prices.

FWB hit a high of about $200 last year, before a massive investment from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, but has since fallen to around $55 per token.

in follow him first apology, Turley books On Friday afternoon he plans to[take] A step back from all leadership roles in DAOs and projects [he’s] affiliated to.”

“I need to fix the loss of confidence my past has caused,” he added.

Turley did not respond to CoinDesk’s request for comment.

society weighs

The reactions from the community ranged from sober and appreciative panting And annoyed.

some cried “cancel culture. “

Jackson Dam said they received him personally big backlash To reveal Turley’s old tweets.

In a message, they told CoinDesk, “You inadvertently forced an important and imperative conversation about the current culture of cryptocurrency and web3.” “Many people do not feel welcome or safe in this community, and the situation will not improve until we deal with it head on. The abuse and harassment I encountered upon initiating this conversation was very disappointing, and it shows how much work we still have to do in order to bring this on board. technology into the mainstream.”

Although Variant Fund has not yet taken action against Turley, the company has done so He said It conducts a “comprehensive review to decide on [its] Course of action.”

The statement also described Turley as an “adviser” rather than a partner in the project.

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