Binance Becomes the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry’s First to Join the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA) – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored by Binance, the world’s leading provider of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology infrastructure, has announced that it has joined the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA), a non-profit company focused on identifying, validating, mitigating and neutralizing cybercrime threats. Binance is the first institution from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry to officially join the alliance. NFTA … Read more

Fantom Surpasses Binance Smart Chain as the Third-Largest Defi Blockchain – Defi Bitcoin News

Total Lockdown Value (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) protocols has lost 6.8% in the past 24 hours as the cryptocurrency markets take further losses. However, the Fantom blockchain has seen an increase in TVL, which has jumped 46.62% over the past week. Fantom has managed to hit Binance Smart Chain (BSC) quite a bit, as … Read more

‘Ponzi Schemes Have Created a Negative Reputation for the Industry’ — Uganda Blockchain Advocate – Interview Bitcoin News

Education and awareness campaigns are still seen as important channels for attracting people to cryptocurrency and blockchain. This has been particularly true in some parts of Africa where bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have proven to be a useful alternative to fiat currency. Blockchain Education and Advocacy from Uganda Despite the surge in the use of … Read more

Luna Foundation Guard Launches to Support UST Peg as Stablecoin Blows Past $11B Market Cap – Bitcoin News

Luna Foundation Guard, a new decentralized organization developed to support the Luna ecosystem, was launched last week in Singapore. The Foundation will provide funding in the form of grants to support initiatives built on top of the Luna Network. One of its biggest jobs is to create a “forex reserve” that will help terrestrial treasuries, … Read more

No Developed Nation Bans Cryptocurrencies, Telegram Founder Pavel Durov Warns Russia – Regulation Bitcoin News

Pavel Durov, founder of the messaging app Telegram, has criticized the Bank of Russia’s proposal to impose a blanket ban on a range of crypto-related activities. Durov says such a move would stifle high-tech development and drive out blockchain specialists. Durov Speaks Against Bank of Russia Push to Ban Cryptocurrency A crypto ban proposed by … Read more

Crypto YouTubers fall victim to hacking and scamming attempt

Hackers attacked a number of popular encrypted YouTube accounts sometime in the afternoon of January 23. The accounts have posted unauthorized videos with a script instructing viewers to send money to the hackers’ wallet. Accounts that appear to have been targeted include ‘BitBoy Crypto’, ‘Altcoin Buzz’, ‘Box Mining’, ‘Floyd Mayweather’, ‘Ivan on Tech’ and ‘The … Read more

UBS Warns of Crypto Winter Amid Expectation of Fed Rate Hikes and Regulation – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

UBS, Switzerland’s largest bank, has warned of a crypto winter as prices collapse and may not recover for years. The bank’s analysts explained several main reasons affecting the prices of cryptocurrencies. UBS predicts a crypto winter could last for years Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS, has warned of a crypto winter as prices collapse and may … Read more