Trezor Suite and Trezor Model One Firmware updates January 2022 | by SatoshiLabs | Jan, 2022

An update to Trezor Suite, the main interface for Trezor hardware wallets, and new firmware for your Trezor Model One is ready for installation. To download and install these updates, simply open Trezor Suite and continue by following the onscreen instructions. More information about both updates can be found in the relevant changelog: Not using … Read more

Incident Post Mortem: November 19, 2021

Abstract On November 19, 2021, Coinbase learned that it had erroneously charged some customers transacting in GYEN and POWR either 100x or 1/100 of the amount they had purchased. Coinbase immediately disabled trading in POWR and GYEN, worked around the clock to resolve the underlying technical issue, and then made adjustments to customer accounts to … Read more

Announcing our second developer grant winners

Written by Trent Foenmayor, Director of Programs, Coinbase Giving In August, we launched a call for applications through the Crypto Community Fund that focuses on blockchain developers who contribute directly to the blockchain database, or researchers who produce white papers. Today, we are pleased to announce the second batch of developer grants for the fund … Read more

Inverse Finance (INV), Liquity (LQTY), Polyswarm (NCT) and Propy (PRO) are launching on Coinbase

Starting from today Reverse Financing (INV), Liquity (LQTY), Polyswarm (NCT), Propy (PRO) Available on and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps. Coinbase customers can now trade, send, receive or store INV, LQTY, NCT, PRO In most regions supported by Coinbase, with certain exceptions described on every asset page here. Trading these assets is … Read more

A simple guide to the Web3 stack

Web3 It’s the latest buzzword to see a slight spike in interest in recent months – what does it actually mean? around the block From Coinbase Ventures sheds light on major trends in crypto. written by Conor DempseyAnd Angie Wang & Justin Mart. Lots of definitions come up, but at Coinbase we generally think Web3 … Read more

Inverse Finance (INV), Liquity (LQTY), Polyswarm (NCT) and Propy (PRO) are launching on Coinbase…

Inverse Finance (INV), Liquity (LQTY), Polyswarm (NCT), and Propy (PRO) launch on Coinbase Pro Starting today, Wednesday, January 12th Transfer INV, LQTY, NCT, PRO in your Coinbase Pro account before trading. support for INV, LQTY, NCT, PRO It will generally be available in Coinbase-supported jurisdictions with certain exceptions as indicated on each asset page here. … Read more