Restores Withdrawals After Reportedly Losing $15m To Hackers

Visit the original article *×345.jpg, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, suspended all deposits and withdrawals on Monday, January 11, citing “unauthorized activity” on some accounts. However, it has brought back some accounts and withdrawal services, indicating that the accounts are now secure. News from yesterday According to security and data analytics firm PeckShield, … Read more

Green Energy: In NY, Bitcoin Mining Saved The Oldest Working Hydroelectric Plant

Visit the original article *×345.jpg Another day, another hydropower plant was saved by bitcoin mining. To the untrained eye, the narrative that bitcoin stimulates green energy may seem appropriate. However, every day more concrete examples appear. Like the Navajo Nation case. Or this hydroelectric plant in Costa Rica. In contrast, China banned bitcoin mining … Read more

First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Is Off on US Holiday and Could Fall Further

Visit the original article * good morning. Here’s what happens: Market moves: Bitcoin drops below $42,000; Ether and most other major altcoins also fell. Editor’s note: Due to the Martin Luther King Jr. vacation in the US, First Mover Asia is replacing a recent column on DeFi by CoinDesk Chief Content Officer Michael Casey … Read more

What The World Learned About Bitcoin In 2021

Visit the original article *,cs_srgb,h_1200,q_auto:good,w_1200/MTc5Mjk3ODA4NjI4NDU5MjAz/watch-the-future-of-hyperbitconization-at-the-third-halving.png Four Lessons Learned in 2021 Talk about the global facts about Bitcoin and why our world needs it. How poetic perfect is that 2021 was the year the world discovered how 21 million bitcoins are the key to the world’s future economic order. This was the year when the … Read more

Bitcoin: piso de $40.000 no es seguro ante inactividad de institucionales

Visit the original article * While the bitcoin options market recently stopped bearish, some analysts remain unconvinced of the strength of its uptrend due to weak institutional demand and the susceptibility of the cryptocurrency to macroeconomic factors. There is little sign of renewed interest from institutional investors, so it seems unlikely that a major … Read more

Bitcoin Is Revolutionizing Global Money Management

Visit the original article *,cs_srgb,h_1200,q_auto:good,w_1200/MTgzMjM5NTgzMzEwNDIzNDU4/img_6319.png Bitcoin will usurp state-of-the-art technologies 50 years ago as high-tech shows itself. System Status Barriers to entry into global financial markets are obsolete. Processing times go on, high transaction fees, loss of maximum winnings due to exchange rates, the list goes on. While these may be acceptable in a … Read more

Ethereum Gas Site’s $WTF Token Down 80%, Following $SOS and $GAS

Visit the original article *, which shows Ethereum users their lifetime gas spending on transactions, saw the $WTF token drop 80% in the first week after the takedown. According to Coinmarketcap, the price of WTF token is down more than 80% from its high of $0.20 on Thursday night to $0.03 on Monday … Read more

Fidelity Says What We’ve Been Thinking: Countries & Central Banks Will Buy BTC

Visit the original article *×307.jpg Surprising the world, Fidelity predicts what Bitcoin game theory indicates. As Satoshi Nakamoto said, “It might make sense to just get some in case you find it.” This is the same conclusion that Fidelity reached in the report “Research Summary: 2021 Trends and Their Potential Future Implication.” Keep in … Read more

El Salvador Government Advisor Mónica Taher Is Empowering Women Through Bitcoin

Visit the original article *,cs_srgb,fl_progressive,q_auto:good,w_620/MTg2NzY2MjUzOTcxNDgyMzEx/monica-taher-empowering-women-with-bitcoin.jpg Tahir, an advisor to the government of El Salvador, discusses how Bitcoin can be an important tool for empowering women in Latin America. With over 73,000 followers on Twitter, Monica Tacher She is an influential thought leader who focuses on personal finance, fashion and entrepreneurship, and is passionate about … Read more

What You Own When You Own an NFT

Visit the original article * I don’t know who needs to hear this, but owning an NFT does not mean owning a copyright or intellectual property of a project. This is the first point I would like to raise. NFT, or non-fungible token, is a type of digital asset that lives on the blockchain. … Read more