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Is State Farm Pet Insurance Good? Here’s How It Stacks Up

The purpose of pet health insurance is to minimize the overall cost of veterinary expenses in the event of your four-legged friend gets injured or falls ill. It helps provide peace of mind knowing you won’t have to choose between the wellbeing of your pet and your financial stability.

Compare Pet Insurance Companies Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

While some pet insurance companies offer a variety of different plans with varying levels of protection, State Farm offers a single simple plan in partnership with Trupanion. The plan offers a decent amount of protection, but is it the best choice for your pet?

Here’s what you need to know about State Farm Pet Insurance:

Does State Farm have pet insurance?

State Farm is a large insurance company that provides a wide range of insurance products including life, auto, home, renters, disability, liability, and small business insurance. The insurance provider added pet medical insurance to its offerings in 2018 by partnering with Trupanion Pet Insurance, a company that also sells its own pet insurance policies. State Farm’s pet insurance products are underwritten by the American Pet Insurance Company.

State Farm Pet Insurance review

Available plans

State Farm covers veterinary care expenses resulting from unexpected injuries and illnesses. Included in its coverage are diagnostic tests, hospital stays, surgeries, medications and prescriptions, prosthetic devices, veterinary supplements, and herbal therapy.

The policy also covers congenital and hereditary conditions that are breed-specific such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, diabetes, thyroid disease, and cherry eye.

Waiting periods

State Farm insurance for pets has a 30-day waiting period for illnesseswhich is somewhat longer than the industry’s standard, and a five-day waiting period for accidents.


Like all other pet insurance providers, State Farm does not cover pre-existing conditionsie ailments that were present before purchasing the insurance policy.

The list of exclusions also includes tests and procedures like vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and a routine planned blood work, as well as any, non-essential surgeries.

Claims and reimbursement times

State Farm offers the same simple claim process as Trupanion Pet Insurance. If your veterinarian works directly with the insurance provider, the insurer will pay the vet directly and you’ll only be responsible for covering the deductible and 10% of covered expenses at the clinic.

If your veterinarian doesn’t work directly with Trupanion or State Farm, you will need to pay the vet bill out-of-pocket and then make a claim to get reimbursed. Most claims are paid within 24 hours.

Customer service

The insurer has 24/7 customer support. The State Farm customer service phone number is 800-782-8332. You can also dial 855-518-1410 to file a claim or speak to Trupanion’s claim specialist.

State Farm Pet Insurance cost

The price of your pet insurance policy with State Farm will depend on your pet’s age, breed, and location, as well as the deductible you choose. Deductibles can range up to $1,000 — the higher the deductible, the lower your monthly premium will be.

Customers can also purchase add-ons to their policy, such as pet parent assistance and recovery care. The company has a 30-day money-back period and charges a $25 service fee which won’t be returned.

One of the biggest upsides is that if you already have other insurance products from the company, you might be eligible for a State Farm pet insurance bundlei.e. get access to pet insurance discounts by bundling different policies together.

What we like about this coverage

State Farm offers one simple pet insurance plan which provides a lot of protection and reimburses pet parents for 90% of covered veterinary services. The plan also includes alternative therapies at no additional cost.

With Vet Direct Pay, the company makes instant reimbursement to your vet with direct payments, making the claim process very easy and straightforward.

Another great feature of State Farm is that There’s no payout limitwhich means that the company won’t limit your coverage with financial ceilings or caps of any kind over your pet’s lifetime.

State Farm customers can get great discounts by bundling different insurance policies together.

What could be improved

Unlike most other pet insurance companies, State Farm lacks a pet wellness plan. Wellness coverage reimburses for various preventive and routine care expenses such as vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, spaying/neutering, and more.

At this time, State Farm is not offering pet health insurance in the state of Florida.

Pet insurance from State Farm also has an age limit of 14-years-oldwhich means that dogs and cats over 14 are not able to enroll in their pet insurance plan.

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