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The Pet Shop: Peanut makes a friend | Blog: The Pet Shop

Janice Carmac

A few weeks ago I was busy stirring up some blue water for my dying pansies when I saw my calico cat, Peanut, near the front door, poised to go inside the house.

Not paying attention, I opened the door to let her enter. Somewhere in the back of my mind, it registered that she had something in her mouth.

But too late, I realized it was a live chipmunk.

Peanut set it down on a floor rug and at first, I was dazed that this woodland creature was in my home.

Within minutes it was headed to our finished basement.

Surely, Peanut would intervene and prevent our new friend from making its way downstairs?

Peanut failed and for about an hour I was sliding furniture aside and chasing it while Peanut took a nap upstairs.

I texted my husband who hastened to buy a trap. He brought it home and filled it with peanuts.

Then he settled onto the basement couch to watch television and wait.

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For a while things were quiet, then the chipmunk appeared, scampering hither and thither over the luxury vinyl tile.

My husband tried to catch it with a towel a few times but had no luck.

The following morning I eagerly went to the basement, hoping to see the chipmunk in the cage.

I worked from home that day and visited the cage every so often.

Finally, I found it fast asleep resting on the floor near the couch.

I panicked a bit and texted a coworker for her thoughts. I posted a message to the newsroom as well and called my retired neighbor who was getting her hair styled.

“My hairdresser says keep the chipmunk and get rid of the cat,” she shared.

I got the courage to cover the snoozing intruder with an empty trash can as suggested by my neighbor and slid a plastic paint shield underneath the trash can as suggested by my coworker. This enabled me to remove it from the house.

Later I spotted my freshly coiffed neighbor in her yard. I called her over and we spent some time petting the chipmunk, now at height level on the concrete casing of my well, and marveling at its cuteness.

About an hour later, the chipmunk was dead, perhaps from internal injuries inflicted the day prior by Peanut. My husband thinks it ran itself to death in the basement.

I am just thankful it did not die in some inaccessible location in the house.


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