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Raw Food Diet for Dogs: the Nutritional Gold Standard

A Raw Food Diet in Dogs is the Gold Standard of Canine Nutrition

What is the benefit of a raw food diet for dogs, or even. fresh food diet for dogs? Almost every human has heard the adage “you are what you eat”. We stress it to athletes, children, the elderly- anyone seeking improved health or fitness gains has heard how important nutrition is. I personally know the benefits that a healthy diet brought to my life. For years, I struggled with health conditions that brought on chronic pain. Eventually, I switched my diet to a plant based diet, and relief of the chronic pain ensued. I felt better than I had in years and continue to improve daily.

I have heard the same story from people from all walks of life dealing with issues of chronic pain, allergies, weight gain, fatigue, diabetes, etc. If diet can make these incredible changes in humans, why would we not believe the same is true in our canine friends? I read the book Forever Dog by Dr Karen Becker and Rodney Habib. It was a game changer for me. The reality of a healthy diet and the benefits it bestows on our pets is backed by science. I never thought about how processed the kibble was that I was feeding my dog, until I read that book. I have since transitioned my dog ​​to a fresh diet and we are transitioning to a raw diet, and the benefits have been unbelievable!

I sat down with Carrie Marble, the owner and founder of Bark N’ Scratch Outpost (5835 W. Bluemound Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53213) to discuss different dog diets and the benefits of raw and fresh diets. Carrie is one of the most knowledgeable local experts on pet nutrition. She shared her insights with me so I could pass them along to you.

Carries Story and How She Became Passionate about Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Before I ask you to trust that Carrie is knowledgable and passionate, I want you to understand her story. Carrie was motivated to open her store after an experience with her own dog. Below is her story, in her words:

“Bark N’ Scratch Outpost opened September 6, 2006. In 2005 our family was picked up by a Bichon puppy named Snowbelle. After several months of puppy life and feeding a vet recommended food (which I had no idea had harmful ingredients in it), Snowbelle started to bite her coat off in spots on her side. Snowbelle also had anal sack problems and blood in her urine. After spending months trying pills, shots, and surgery to remove her anal sacs, the vet told us to euthanize her.’ This is Wisconsin, Snowbelle is a puppy mill dog, put her down and start over’

At the same time, our groomer expresses concern about Snowbells coat. After I explained what was going on and all we had done, she showed me the appropriate species diet in her freezer that she fed her own dog. I began to feed Snowbelle the diet too. One issue was I had to go to Waukesha to buy the food. I worked the same hours the store was open, so getting there was always hard, but the effort was worth it. The raw diet was working! Her symptoms resolved.

One day, I realized I didn’t have food for her dinner. My husband said ‘why don’t you open a store?’ so I called the 800 number on the back of the food I was feeding her and asked how to get it delivered because I was opening a store. A few months after I opened the store, I thought Snowbelle needed a friend since I was so busy. Kakashi called us to be his family. Kakashi really helped us understand more about skin issues and fungus. Kakashi, like Snowbelle, lived the length of two lives in the standards of dog years today. He had energy for days and he lived his life to the fullest at the store. Kakashi loved to be social with all the people and kids and most of the pets that cam into the store”

Carries desire to see better health for her sweet Snowbelle, and her astounding experience with a raw food diet, led her to learn more about nutrition through classes, seminars, books and lectures. Bark N’ Scratch Outpost now specializes in carrying less processed, species appropriate diets for dogs, cats, and small mammals like bunnies and guinea pigs. Carrie ensures that her staff are up to date on the latest information in pet nutrition and have information on the products she stocks.

When asked how Carrie began to acquire her knowledge and what she does to stay on top of the latest research, she replied “Dr Karen Becker would attend a vendor trade show and speak for hours in the afternoon about everything going in her veterinary clinic and how species appropriate nutrition plays a role in her clients health. Dr Barbara Royal held classes the staff and I attended in Illinois. We have read books written by these wonderful vets. Now we ready trade magazines written by other holistic vets. members of Dr Karen Becker and Rodney Habibs Facebook group. Our staff is currently reading The Forever Dog”

Carrie and her staff live what they preach. They are passionate about bringing great health to local pets and believe that nutrition is the cornerstone to good health, with fresh and raw diets being the best.

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