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Q&A: Which Type of Wall Art is Right for Me? – Bark & ​​Gold Photography

Just as four little paws can change coming back to an empty house into coming home, displaying wall art of your pet can instantly create an emotional connection and sense of belonging, but it can also feel overwhelming if you’re unsure how to decide which type is right for you.

Start With the Art

Starting with the end in mind may sound counter-intuitive, and while you don’t have to make any final decisions prior to your ordering appointment, it does help to approach your session with an idea of ​​how you think you’d like to enjoy your images following our time together.

Bark & ​​Gold Photography offers four types of signature wall art finishes: framed canvases, decked edge framed prints, traditional framed prints, and artisan wood. Each presents its own unique style to enhance your pet’s portraits, ranging from modern to traditional to reclaimed and rustic. When choosing signature wall art for your home, there are several factors to consider, including the actual image itself, the décor of your home, and the space in which you plan to display it. From there, narrowing down the perfect piece for you becomes easier.

To guide you in choosing the signature wall art finish that best suits your portraits and décorlet’s look more closely at the four types of finishes available, starting with traditional framed prints.

Traditional Framed Prints

As their name suggests, traditional framed prints are ideal for clients that value traditional and timeless art, but with a wide variety of framing options, even those who prefer a more contemporary look or who lean toward a restored, rustic style are drawn to them as well. Featuring an archival quality of 75-years+ and a beautiful luxury linen paper showcased in your selected frame, these pieces suit a variety of home décor and remain a popular choice for clients many for their versatility. Choose from handcrafted solid wood frames that highlight a stunning natural grain with understated elegance or a range of reclaimed and repurposed barnwood options that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Choose traditional framed prints if you:

  • value traditional, timeless pieces.
  • desire the ultimate in customization thanks to expansive frame moldings.
  • describe your style as clean and classic.
  • love barnwood with its authentic imperfections and roughness.

Framed Canvases

Handcrafted in Germany, framed canvases hold the spot as Bark & ​​Gold Photography’s premiere piece, combining the classic look of gallery-wrapped canvas with a sleek and modern solid wood float frame for the ultimate finished look. A subtle space between the frame and the canvas adds a unique three-dimensional floating feel that elevates the presentation of your portrait. A slightly matte fine art canvas lends a highly detailed grandeur to your image while its classic texture brings a hint of life. Framed canvases arrive ready to display with their sturdy, sustainable wooden stretcher frames and reinforced corners to prevent warping and ensure your canvas looks stunning for generations to come.

Consider framed canvases if you:

  • Enjoy classic pieces but want to break away from traditional framed prints.
  • are drawn to a sophisticated yet simple style.
  • like the texture canvas lends to your artwork.
  • desire a signature wall art piece larger than the grand-size limitation of traditional framed prints.

Decked Edge Framed Prints

Take your framed portrait to the next level with a decked edge fine art print that “floats” within a genuine Italian hardwood frame in your preferred molding above a classic white mat. A feathered, hand-torn edge produces a breathtaking print that balances the casual, decked edge of your fine art paper with an artistic flair fit for the world’s most spectacular museums. Beautifully and thoughtfully assembled with the finest attention to detail, this internationally handcrafted piece is truly exquisite!

decked edge framed prints with white background and plants

Deckled edge framed prints are ideal if you:

  • desire an impact- or showcase-sized piece that will make a statement even when displayed on its own.
  • want simple frames that highlight your portrait and the print’s unique hand-torn detailing.
  • are intrigued at the combination of relaxed and refined.

Artisan Wood

Do you want to forgo a frame altogether? Artisan wood is the way to go! Durable and slightly rustic, artisan wood merges the rich color of a traditional print with the beauty of wood. A Stunning fine art paper is carefully applied to hard white birch wood without the appearance of grain or wood showing through, meaning your print highlights only the truest colors and clarity. Each piece is hand-sanded giving this type of wall art an artisan-made feel yet boasts meticulous attention to detail in its construction.

Artisan wood will appeal to you if you:

  • don’t want framed wall art.
  • want wood-accented details but not as raw and reclaimed as barnwood offers.
  • like the concept of wood but don’t want its grain to come through on your image.

Do you want to learn more about Bark & ​​Gold Photography’s products, including signature wall art? Let’s connect today! Choose your adventure below to begin.

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