Russia May Allow Crypto Mining and Gold-Backed Stablecoins, Lawmaker Says – Regulation Bitcoin News

A high-ranking member of the Russian Parliament suggested that Russia could legalize the mining of cryptocurrencies and gold-backed stablecoins under the control of the government. The statement comes after the Bank of Russia proposed a widespread ban on the use, trading and mining of cryptocurrencies. Duma deputy insists that mining and some stablecoins can be … Read more

The New Haven of Cardano “Venture Capitalists” – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored by Crypto gains are not as good as they used to be. The long-awaited journey into a more mature crypto space has been accompanied by a marked slip in exponential returns that has excited both retail and institutional investors. In the current investment climate, more established tokens are becoming less volatile, and the returns … Read more

While BTC’s Price Slid Lower, a Miner Spent an 11-Year-Old Block Reward from 2010 Worth $1.8M – Featured Bitcoin News

After the big series of block rewards from 2010 spent in November 2021, no block rewards from that year were discovered in December and throughout the following month until January 21. , 2010, for the first time since it has been dormant for more than a decade. Block 93.276: First 2010 block moved in 2022 … Read more

How Bitcoin Goes Against The World Order

Visit the original article*,cs_srgb,h_1200,q_auto:good,w_1200/MTgzMDUwMjQxODI0NTMxODc1/img_6208.png Bitcoin limits governments’ abilities to block or otherwise intentionally disrupt the financial services of groups and organizations. In October 2020, the Nigeria government shut down the feminist coalition bank account. The coalition was responsible for aiding the treatment and release of injured and arrested EndSARS movement protesters. Immediately after they … Read more

Despite the Drop in Crypto Prices, Weekly NFT Sales Reach $4.7 Billion, Increasing 81% – Market Updates Bitcoin News

While the cryptocurrency market has dumped billions over the past seven days, sales of non-fungible token assets are still up 81% since last week. Statistics show that $4.7 billion in NFT sales were settled in seven days among 326,733 buyers, and Ethereum has seen a steady rise in NFT sales. NFT sales remain strong despite … Read more

New BHUNT Malware Targets Cryptocurrency Wallets via Software Installs – Bitcoin News

Bitdefender, a cybersecurity and antivirus company, has discovered BHUNT, a new type of malware that targets cryptocurrency wallets via software installations. Malware runs on top of unsafe or cracked software installations, which already come with the system to be deployed to desktop environments. Once installed, the program extracts passphrases and seeds from popular wallets. Malware … Read more

Government Set to Present Virtual Asset Bill to Parliament – Regulation Bitcoin News

Botswana’s government is set to submit a “virtual assets bill” to the country’s parliament, a move that could make it one of the first countries in Africa to have laws regulating cryptocurrency. Preventing the spread of crypto-related risks A recent government newspaper has shown that a draft document of the government of Botswana proposing to … Read more